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Rackoot is here, but: What is a Rackoot?

On November 15th, 2022, we launched Rackoot, a tool that solves many problems in a single place. Since then only a couple weeks passed, but a lot went on.

We receive great feedback from most of our users, THEY LOVE IT, almost as much as we love it ourselves.

That forced us to work fast fixing bugs, improving the UX/UI, and adding new features. One of the things that we wanted to add was this blog, I know it’s so 2000s that it hurts, but it’s great to have a space to share our progress, insights and ideas.

Having a blog is so 2000 that hurts

But Why? What is Rackoot used for?

Maybe I should have started with that.

Rackoot is excellent for many things, and we’ve noticed that everybody uses it slightly differently. We identified some of the prominent use cases that we had in mind when we started building it and some that we’ve discovered along the way:

1: To organize your bookmarks

We figure out that Bookmarks are great, but with time people have more and more and ends up not knowing where the important things are. To solve that, Rackoot is way more visual and easy to use. You can add as many Tiles to a Rackoot as you need, move them, delete them edit them, etc.

2: To save RAM

One of the problems that we had is that when you have many open tabs on a browser, the RAM suffers, but it’s not easy to close a tab, since you want to come back there easily.

Adding links to a Rackoot will help you to save Ram since you can close the tabs and come back to them whenever you want.

3: To organize a research

Rackoot is great for organizing information when you are researching. How it works? Just create a Rackoot for your research and create a new tile for every link that you want to study or anything that you find that is relevant to your research. You can come back whenever you want, and you’ll have everything there from wherever you are.

4: To share information

If you want to share information (such as the links you were researching or anything else) with someone, you can just create a Rackoot, add all the tiles you would like to share, and then copy the shared link so they can view your tiles.

When you share a Rackoot, people can see your content, but they won’t be able to edit it (we’ll work on that soon). They also can copy the Rackoot to their accounts, so they can use it as a starting point and add new content (that would not affect the original Rackoot) or Follow it.

In this case, whenever you update the original rackoot, they will be able to access the latest version, but they won’t be able to edit or add anything.

5: To become a thought leader

If you create and share popular rackoots, you can become a referent for your group. It’s fun and easy, which is a great way to spread the word. Besides, showing a new took it always makes you look cool 😎

And many more

We can think of many other ways to use rackoot, but we want everyone to discover what works best for each one. So try it and let us know how and for what you use it the most!